The University of Alabama Student Center is the heart of campus. We host different events and programs for students, student organizations, University departments, faculty and staff. We also partner with student groups and University departments to organize events for the student body. In addition, we have spaces available for reservation by student organizations and university departments.

Our Mission

The University of Alabama Student Center serves to enhance the student and UA community experience by providing physical space and services that build community, develop leaders, support programs and promote student learning, development and inclusion.

Our Vision

  • We will provide a variety of programs and services that create an inclusive and welcoming environment where interaction and understanding among individuals from diverse backgrounds occur.
  • We will uphold the facility for current and future generations of college students by practicing continuous high standards of maintenance, sustainability, refurbishment and renovation.
  • We will be the center of campus student activities and provide excellent service to the students we serve as well as the members of the university community through programs, facilities and other amenities.
  • We will provide opportunities for student leadership development through student employment, boards, committees and volunteerism.
  • We will complement the University mission through intentionally designing, creating and providing environments which promote out-of-class learning experiences.
  • We will recruit, support, develop and retain excellent staff who are committed to customer service and to the visions and goals of The University of Alabama Student Center, the Division of Student Life and The University of Alabama.

Role of the College Union

The college union advances a sense of community, unifying the institution by embracing the diversity of students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests. We bolster the educational mission of the institution and the development of students as lifelong learners by delivering an array of cultural, educational, social and recreational programs, services and facilities.

By any form or name, we serve as the heart of the campus community and create a welcoming environment by:

  • Operating as a student-centered organization that engages in shared decision making and holistic development through employment and involvement.
  • Advocating for inclusion and equity, fostering respect and affirming the identities of all individuals.
  • Educating students in leadership and social responsibility and offering firsthand experiences in global citizenship.
  • Providing gathering spaces to encourage formal and informal community interactions that build meaningful relationships.

Traditionally considered the living room, the college union enhances the student experience and cultivates an enduring connection to the institution.

Copied from Association of College Unions International ( Adopted by the Association’s general membership in 2018, this statement is based on the Role of the College Union statement, 1956.