The Reservation Request Form and Information Table Request Form are no longer active. To make a reservation request, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit our Virtual EMS home page by clicking the crimson button titled “Virtual EMS” below.
  2. Choose “Request a Room” as a Guest, unless you have a User ID.
  3. Search availability by date, time, setup type or expected attendance and choose a space using the plus sign. (to request an information table, choose “information table” as the setup; to identify number placements, visit the table layout on Social Tables)
  4. Add services like A/V equipment or easels, if necessary.
  5. Tell us the details of your event and agree to the terms and conditions.
  6. Choose “Create Request”.

Upon submitting your request, please allow 24-48 business hours for your requests to move forward to the DocuSign stage. If more details are needed or the space becomes unavailable, the Events Office will contact you with the contact information provided in the request details.

Make A Reservation

To request a user ID for a department on campus, send us an email, at Limited to one user ID per department. Student Organizations must make requests as Guests.


If you need assistance accessing the content or functions of the Virtual EMS or Social Tables, please contact the reservations office at 205-348-2827.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Choose “recurrence” next to the date in the first step.
Choose “Tabling” as the building. Utilize the tabling diagram on Social Tables to choose a table number that best fits your needs.
Choose “availability legend” in the bottom right corner to see what each color signifies. Building and University closures are recorded thus spaces will be unavailable during these times. The plus sign to the left of the space signifies its availability during the time frame specified.
Yes. While we cannot delete them, we can archive contacts who are no longer active.
This can happen for many reasons. All rooms have minimum and maximum occupancy loads. Attendance cannot exceed the maximum occupancy load. If a room you are searching for does not appear, it is possible the capacity cannot accommodate your request. For additional assistance, contact the Reservations Office.
It is important to click on this icon next to the location name you are selecting. If the plus sign is not selected, the space has not been requested and terms and conditions as well as the submit button will not generate.
Your request has been submitted but has not been reviewed.
Hold Pending Docusign
Your event space is on hold and will not be confirmed until the Docusign has been submitted.
Hold Pending Details
Your event space is on hold and will not move to the Docusign stage until more details are gathered by the Events Office.
Hold Pending SOURCE
Your event space is on hold with the Ferguson Student Center but is under review by the SOURCE and can not be confirmed until SOURCE-approved.
Cancelled with charges
Your event has been cancelled but charges will still be invoiced due to the limited amount of notice of cancellation.
Your event has been cancelled and charges will not incur.