Use of The University of Alabama Student Center Plaza, Ferguson Student Center Lawn, and Crimson Promenade are governed by The University of Alabama Student Center and do not require a Grounds Use Permit. However, the use of these locations must follow the University’s Grounds Use Policy.


Chalking is prohibited on The University of Alabama Student Center Plaza, Lawn and Crimson Promenade.

Chalking is only permitted on natural gray concrete sidewalks and streets that are subject to being washed by the rain. No chalking can occur on sidewalks or building entrances that are covered by a shelter of any type. Chalking is not permitted on any type of brick or concrete pavers. Chalking is not allowed on walls, doors, windows, trees or any vertical surfaces. The type of chalk used must be washable.

Organizations or persons who violate this policy may be charged for time and materials to remove the chalk. Failure to adhere to the guidelines may also result in disciplinary action according to the Code of Student Conduct.

Outdoor Signage

The placement of printed advertising or promotional materials in or outside of The University of Alabama Student Center must be coordinated in advance with the Student Center Events Coordinator. Such placement of printed materials is subject to established guidelines.

Campus Merchandising

The University Supply Store, as mandated by The Board of Trustees of The University of Alabama, has the exclusive franchise rights to conduct all mercantile activity on campus. No other mercantile activity shall therefore be permitted without permission of the University Supply Store.